Redox X8 Radio Player

Redox Radio Automation  »Playman 8X audio«

Redox offers you a state of the art solution for your Radio station. The solution offers A PC based digital Radio Automation solution, which include the broadcasting package and even more with the additional Program support and task automation modules. REDOX X8 Digital System modules can be combined to each other like “LEGO” bricks.

We have also stand-alone modules – programs for your work with: Redkom 8 – Advertising and Invoicing management, xPowerBase – All media archive, and xPowerTime a new concept all events scheduler. REDOX covers all the Radio needs as shown on the picture below.

X8 suite also supports the most popular codecs and standards demanded by the digital Audio industry and has future-proofed its appliance to support newly available codecs through user-controlled software updates.


  • Automatic or Manual program play back of audio, shows, jingles and ads,
  • On screen: subtitles and logos prog. ID
  • Players: all display avialable
  • PFL on all channels and files
  • Multi Jingle table
  • Automatic audio MIX and cuts algorythm
  • Clear, intuitive and simple searching
  • Fast find & search
  • Silence security random 
  • Time liner – exact clock
  • Splitting – multi spot channels

Hardware needs:

  • P4-2000, RAM 1024MB, HD 1GB, net 100MB, XGA 1024×768 OS Windows XP Vista, Windows 7